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Rochester Hapkido:

Develop time-tested,
proven & powerful
self-defense skills
while getting in
awesome shape...

and learning to live
with more Awareness,
discipline & focus.


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Hapkido: The 'All-Around' Self-Defense System

Punches. Kicks. Weapons. Joint locks. Throws. Jump attacks. Hapkido has it all. And because of this, Hapkido teaches you to defend yourself against all of it, too.

Gain the powerful techniques you need to protect yourself and your loved ones - no matter the situation.

Improve Your Fitness. Get Leaner & More Toned.
And Build Balance, Coordination & Control.

You'll use your body in new ways with Hapkido. This will challenge you to become stronger, faster, and more agile. Your body will become more toned, more coordinated, and more balanced.

And you'll feel more flexible and energized after the first few classes.

Experience Fiery Confidence,
Discipline, & Laser-Like Focus.

For centuries martial arts has been more than self-defense... it's been a way for individuals to grow internally, too. As your skills progress, your confidence will rise as you see what you're capable of.

And as you put all of your effort into mastering each move - your ability to focus and conquer will pour into other areas of your life, too.

You'll become even more of a confident, radiant being.


Start Here: Get Our Hapkido
Schedule, Prices And Web Specials

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